1 - 8 Ottobre / Malta Design Week / Malta

Malta Design Week's primary purpose is to provide a platform for the expanding local design talent to interact and experience work and designers from a broad international scene, right at home.
Fashioned to promote and celebrate good design, this seven-day event will be spread across cultural and commercial venues around Malta.

Having its base in the capital – Valletta, but also spilling and spreading across several satellite-event hosting venues – MDW aims to place various design disciplines on the same platform. 
It will host exhibitions, talks, workshops and launches bringing together local and foreign designers, architects, artists, artisans, journalists, critics, academics and entrepreneurs.

MDW also aims to establish Malta as a hub for Mediterranean creativity; with the potential to grow and transform itself into a yearly or biennial event of international repute, the first edition of MDW will: 

1. Act as a vital contribution in developing a healthy relationship between local manufacturing businesses and designers, putting them in closer contact with the realities of the international market.
2. Initiate a vessel of communication between art organisations and tourism-related entities promoting cultural tourism, with images of a creative Malta at its roots.
3. Develop a healthy Euro-Med exchange of ideas at Universities, schools and formative entities with other countries in the Mediterranean region, in order to determine and develop study methods and teaching resources about the role of design in contemporary culture.

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