10-13 Oct/ Architectuur Film Festival Rotterdam/Rotterdam

Let's go and attend the Rotterdam Architectuur Film Festival, you have still 2 days and the program is incredible. 

Many premières and exceptional programmes make the AFFR a major international reference point and, simultaneously, also the most accessible festival in terms of films about the urban environment and architecture. Once again they are presenting a programme with historical perspective, new techniques, striking initiatives from all over the world, and personal stories with a connection to the urban environment and architecture. 

In this edition, in addition to the film screenings and together with several partners, the AFFR is organising fascinating programmes each focusing on a specific theme. And on 26 and 27 October, two weeks after the Rotterdam festival, condensed festival editions will be held in Groningen and Heerlen where ten films will be screened. So there are no more excuses for missing the films!

The network of international collaborations with filmmakers, producers, festivals and universities continues to spread further and further. In the past two years the AFFR has offered advice and assisted with the programming of festivals in Aviles (Spain), Santiago (Chile) and Lisbon (Portugal). 

More information and the program:

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