20-25 November/DA!FEST/Centre/St.Petersburg

The International film festival and award in the field of product design and architecture «DA!Fest» is a review competition of a presentation (documentary, fiction, animation, mixed-media, etc.) videos dedicated to a product design and architecture worldwide projects.
The festival takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia since 2011, annually in autumn.

Members list of the international non-competition video program DA!Fest 2012:
Fraser Ross (Scotland), Humans Since 1982 (Sweden), Innostand (Lithuania), Tyler F. Wallace (USA), Ligita Brege (Latvia), Stanislav Roudavski (Australia), Boca do Lobo (Portugal), ArtAbsinth (Ukraine).
The films will be shown on November 23 at «Make It» Centre, St.Petersburg, Russia.

The founder of the Festival is:
- «BSCA» Creative Agency, St. Petersburg, Russia.
The partners and co-founders of the Festival are:
- «REC 75″ Non-Commercial Partnership, St. Petersburg, Russia.
- «O’Studio» LLC., St. Petersburg, Russia.
- AllAdvertising.Ru
If you have any questions, please mail us: info@dafest(dot)com 

More info:

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