17 sept / Open Debate: Is London building a sterile city? / Open House London 2013 / Charles Darwin House / London

We live and work in the city, but just how liveable is London architecture? Open-City launches its first Open Debate as the spotlight event to 2013’s Open House London Weekend, giving a voice to the citizens of London, both public user and design professional, on the kind of city we are creating.

London continues to grow, develop and morph, yet how successful have recent developments been in cultivating a liveable community? Ranked this month as 55th of 140 cities in the EUI’s most liveable city in the world, is London losing its vibrancy with homogenous housing and a lack of well designed public spaces? Or are we experiencing a revival in creative architecture and community spirit? Bearing in mind such influential development as the Olympic Park, Kings Cross, Crossrail, and future development of Battersea, Waterloo, Elephant & Castle; the Open Debate looks at how, or if, the ‘stewards’ of our city’s enhancement are creating the best possible future places and spaces for us to utilise and inhabit.

Chaired by BBC correspondant Razia Iqbal, the panel of key capital representatives include:

  • Leo Hollis, Historian, urbanist and author of recently published ‘Cities Are Good For You: The Genius of the Metropolis’ (April 2013)
  • Steve Howlett, Chief Executive of Peabody Estates
  • Sue Illman, Director of Illman Young Landscape Design and President of Landscape Institute
  • Bob Allies, Partner of Allies and Morrison Architects
17 september, 6:30pm, at the Landscape Institute , Charles Darwin House, 12 Roger Street

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