13 January / Conference "Public Building? Challenges and Opportunities" / Geological Society, Piccadilly / London

Tottenham Public Room, 2012 by Gort Scott. Photo: Angus Leadley Brown   
Public Building? Challenges and Opportunities
Snapshots: Emerging Trends in Contemporary Architecture
13 January 2014, 6.30–8pm
At the Geological Society, Piccadilly

The Royal Academy of Arts has teamed up with Building Design magazine and the ‘Architect of the Year Awards’ to invite some of the winners to discuss emerging trends in contemporary architecture.
In this event, we explore the challenges faced in creating public buildings and their sometimes complex relationships to the institutions they house and represent.

Speakers include Niall McLaughlin, Duggan Morris and Gort Scott.

12 / £6 reductions (students, jobseekers and people with disabilities)

Book now here: https://tickets.royalacademy.org.uk/helppage.asp

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