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From the 24th of February to the 25th March 2012, Fabrica Features Lisbon will present Vera, Chapter One, a multidisciplinary show evolving around a fictional character. Orchestrated by Kirsty Minns (KM), one of the young desginers hosted at Fabrica, and London based French designer Èrika Muller(ÉM). This first chapter, was launched during the London Design Festival in September 2011 and is part of an on-going project.

Vera is a fictional character based on a series of photographs from a girl's family found a few years ago in a second hand shop in the UK. A group of artists & designers have been commissioned to respond to one image from the series in order to create the first chapter of Vera's fictive and collaborative biography.

Includes the works of -Tomás Alonso, Camille Blin, Arlette Ess, Malika Favre, Roma Levin, José Levy, Loris &Livia, Phillippe Malouin, Eelko Moorer, Emmanuel Philip, Study O Portable.
Opening Cocktail:February 24th, 18h
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