10-15 January/Exhibition Ripples Of The Elapsed Time/Trastevere/Roma

Ripples Of The Elapsed Time, Painted memory of July-December 2011| Italy Barcelona Paris Berlin by Chih Ying Wong from 10 to 15 January 2012, at Via Del Moro, 49 Trastevere, Roma. 
The exhibition features over 190 watercolors and oil paintings. They are in resonance between the landscape and the feelings; reality and the mind. Paintings are like pieces of music, written in anger, stress, ease, worries and affection, played between speed and color.
It is an exploration of the memories within a landscape, as the beauty of the land is being ripped away by each stroke then connected again with depth of the colors.
Chih Ying Wong was born in Taipei, Taiwan and has been studying in Canada since the age of 15. She graduated from McGill University School of Architecture in 2010 and completed a 6 months internship at Studio Fuksas in Rome in September 2011. Her interest is to present raw emotions with the strokes, along with her excitement to discover the beauty of Italy continues after her first solo exhibition in July 2011 in Trastevere, Roma.

From10 to 15 January 2012
Via Del Moro, 49 Trastevere, Roma
Midissage| 19.00 13 Gennaio

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