8 December - May 2012/A Working Landscape/Heuveloord 140/Utrecht

Now open:Utrecht Manifest 2011, the biennial for social design presents: A Working Landscape from 8 December to May 2012
Every Friday from 10.00 free entrance!  
How do you expose the potential of a specific site? Rotsoord Utrecht transforms into a work place. Until May, Utrecht Manifest will take over the urban area Rotsoord with four main projects, under the art direction of Jurgen Bey.

The New Work Landscape is a development model to help convert Rotsoord into a gateway to the inner city. Curators are programming exhibitions, debates, a help desk, workshops and field projects to activate this process. Activities are to start a kind of industrial work environment along with local residents, businesses, policy makers, artists and other stakeholders. Unifying factor is the website, which also performs as a calendar to program activities. The announcement and exhibition of activities and links to social media, allow anyone to react which generates interaction

more info:
Studio Makkink & Bey
Heuveloord 140 (behind restuarant
3523 CL Utrecht
The Netherlands

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